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Rename Expert offers several functions for editing the file extension. Some programs, for example, write the file extension of files generated by them in all capital letters. This can be corrected using the Change Case function. Another application is the removal of an additional file extension such as ".bak", which is often attached to the file name when creating a backup. For this case Rename Expert provides the function Remove File Extension. The addition of missing or additional extensions can be achieved using the Append File Extension function.

If files have a wrong file extension, you can rename them using the function Change File Extension, for example from "jpeg" to "jpg". The removal of all punctuation characters such as underscores from the file extension is possible through the use of the function Remove Punctuation Characters.

Changing the file extension does not change the data type. For this task you need a conversion program.

Overview of all functions for editing file extensions

Rename file extension
  • Change case
  • Remove file extension
  • Append file extension
  • Change file extension
  • Remove punctuation characters