Rename folders

Flexibly adjust folder names

Preview new folder names

Rename Expert provides a variety of powerful features for the mass renaming of folders. For example, folders can be renamed based on their properties (such as creation or modification date or the name of the parent folder). Furthermore, the program allows you to integrate a particular part of the name of included files or folders contained into the folder name. Folders can also be named by using a list or a CSV file.

By using the filter, folders with certain criteria can be excluded from the processing. A variety of folder attributes can be used as criteria.

The program supports recursive renaming of folders (i.e., including subfolders and files contained) with full network support. By using the command line version of Rename Expert, it is possible to automate the renaming of folders.

Overview of the most important functions for renaming folders

Rename folders
  • Generate folder names from file names and names of contained subfolders
  • Name folders randomly
  • Encrypt folder names
  • Rename folders by list or CSV file
  • Replacing, swapping, etc. of any parts of the folder names
  • Add creation or modification date to folder names
  • Use the name of any parent folder
  • Numbering folders (sequential or random order)
  • Change the case of the entire name or of parts of the folder name