Sidemenu - Filter


By using the filter, the files / folders to be processed can be limited. Filters can be combined with each other. In many comparison operations, multiple terms separated by the "|" character may also be input (e.g., jpg|bmp|png). In the case of manual deactivation, the filter must also be activated manually. Normally, the status is set automatically based on the configuration of the individual filter entries.

The check box allows a temporary deactivation of the respective entry, for example, to keep several conditions in a profile in stock with the option of activating the appropriate one.

The option selection "Keep all objects in stock", "Keep only matching objects in stock" serves to keep only the matching objects when reading a lot of files or folders. Due to the limited memory, a maximum of 200,000 objects can be kept in stock. By setting the option "Keep only matching objects in stock" in advance, millions of files or folders can be read, provided the number of matching objects does not exceed 200,000. Since the filter works in real-time, the status is changed to "Keep all objects in stock" while configurating. This option can only be set permanently after the filter configuration has been completed.

Filters are stored as part of profiles and can optionally be restored when loading a profile.

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