Replacing text or characters in file names

Step-by-step guide for replacing a particular string in the file name

Select the desired files

First, add the files to be renamed to the list. You can either use the selection dialog, or add the files/folders using drag and drop onto the program interface.

Add action Replace

Click on the button featuring the plus (+) symbol to add the action Replace to the action list.


Enter the text to replace

The next step is to enter the text or character to be replaced. In the figure, the text "#img_" is to be replaced.

Enter the new text

Now enter the text that is to be used in place of the old text in the file name. In this example, the new text is "Norway 2011 - ".

Enter the new text

Check the new names

In the preview list, all changes are shown in real-time and are checked for errors (e.g., duplicate name) to avoid possible conflicts.

Apply actions

If there are no conflicts, the Tasks dialog can be opened by a click on the Apply button. All files/folders to be renamed are listed there and the renaming process can be started by clicking on the Start button.