• Set language preference
  • Search for updates at program start
  • Set language preference

    You can choose between German and English for the program interface.

  • Location for user preferences and profiles

    Here you can determine whether the application data will be saved in the default directory or in a individually specified directory.


  • Search for updates at program start

    When this option is activated, the program checkes for a new version of Rename Expert at startup.

  • Behavior when the program starts with a profile

    This option designates whether on program start with a RxProfile file the contained profile settings (sorting, filter, displayed columns) are to be loaded.

  • Select last used directory and read its content

    When activated, the "Explorer Mode" tab is opened. The last used directory is selected and the reading process starts immediately.

  • Load last used profile

    By activating this option, the settings of the last used profile will be restored at startup.


  • Clear preview list before adding files/folders
  • Remove empty folders after moving files
  • Allow the creation of paths with a length of more than 260 characters (not recommended)

    Paths with excess length are incompatible to many programs, such as the Windows Explorer. Therefore, it is not recommended to enable this option.


  • Clear action list

    The action list is cleared only after confirmation.


  • Show preview of the new path in short form

    This designates whether the preview path is displayed in its entirety or if only the changed parts will be displayed

  • Changing colors for differentiating values

    For a more convenient review same values are displayed in an identical color, which changes when a value differentiates from the previous value.


  • Read and use metadata

    Specifies whether to read metadata contained when reading files, such as photo shooting date or author. If this information is not needed or might be faulty, this option can be disabled.

    Note: Disabling this option speeds up the process of reading by a multiple.

  • Ignore the following words when using the first letter of the artist

    There is the possibility to organize audio files by using the first letter. With this option, you can exclude certain words and thereby use the first letter of the next word.

File contents

Setting options for the use of file contents as part of the name.


Sets the period, for which log files are kept.


Sets the period, for which recovery files are kept.


The exclusion filter allows you to exclude unwanted files or folders in advance of processing (eg., DLLs, Temp folder, etc.).


Possibility to use contained video information for the file name.