Getting started

Select the desired files or folders

First, add the files or folders to be renamed to the list. You can either use the selection dialog, or add the files/folders using drag and drop onto the program interface. Alternatively, you can use the Explorer Mode in the panel on the left side.

Add files or folders for renaming

Select actions for renaming

The next step is to select the appropriate actions to rename the files or folders. Click on the button featuring the 'plus' symbol to add the necessary actions (e.g. action 'replace', to replace a part of the name) to the action list.

Action list

Customize action settings

If necessary, the settings of the added actions can be adjusted. In this example, the position No. 1 from the left (corresponding to the beginning of the file name) was specified. Subsequently, the text "Example" was entered.

Customize action settings

Check new names

The effect of the added actions is displayed in real time in the preview list. There, the new names can be verified. Conflicts can be resolved by deselecting the appropriate list entries or by changing the order of the actions. The conflict overview provides a better overview of conflicts.

Preview list

Accept changes

If there are no conflicts, the 'tasks dialog' can be opened by a click on the 'Accept...' button. All files/folders to be renamed are listed there and the renaming process can be started by clicking on the 'Start' button.

Rename dialog